Today was the "Quidditch on the Quad" event on campus. I had to go check it out, of course...and it was soooo much fun! I wish that I could have stayed longer, but, alas, responsibility calls.

By the way, if you don't know what Quidditch is...well, I am worried. But, you can remedy that by reading the Harry Potter books or you can take the easy way out: Wikipedia.

I finally found the Slytherin field and watched the "Australia" team win by taking the Golden Snitch! It was brutal! A guy ended up with a broken nose and the boy who was the Golden Snitch was almost choked. It was amazing! (Not that I am condoning violence or anything.)

Anyway, here are some photos. Unfortunately, my camera died before I got a picture of the Golden Snitch!

It was a great beginning to what will surely be an awesome Harry Potter week! I didn't know anyone out there, though it turns out a good friend of mine was there. But, it didn't matter because Harry Potter fans are awesome and we all talk without knowing one another anyway! It was great to see so many people enjoying something that came from...dare I say it?...a book. Ah...it made me really want to go to another conference!


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