Thanksgiving Fun!

Well, Thanksgiving 2010 has come and gone. It was a fun night and I know that I ate way too much! Still, what is the point if you don't, right? Here is a little photo coverage of the evening...

Pre-feast, everyone ran around the kitchen, talking, drinking, and just having fun in general!

We all ate too much...including hacking into this cake that I made the day before. It is a pumpkin spice cake with cream cheese icing (with pecans, golden raisins, and cranberries). The cake was huge! I couldn't put the glass cake dish top on it when I was finished icing it. It is considerably smaller now. :)

After dinner, Jessica and my mom enjoy coffee and conversation in the den with Ginny (Jess's mom), Ron (Jessica's dad), and Grandma. But...

...even though Jeff was also in the room, he had passed out by this time. Too much to eat, Jeff?

The only thing missing? My dad's oldest sister and her family! We missed the Wells family! Maybe next year?

We also had our first Christmas charity drawing. Usually, on Thanksgiving, we draw names for Christmas presents. This year, however, my cousin Laura suggested that we not give presents and instead donate as a family to a charity. I was all for it, and so was the rest of the family. So, we all wrote down a charity on a piece of paper, put it into a bowl, and grandma drew one. We are donating to a charity that contributes to autism support and research! It was the charity I had put in, so next year, I will not submit a charity. That way, we all have equal opportunity for our charity to be chosen! It is a good plan and one that alleviates holiday stress and materialism. Kudos to Laura for coming up with the idea!


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