December 25, 2010: Family photos and snow!

Well, another Christmas has come and gone--and it was another great one! It was my first Christmas without my grandmother Frances, so, of course, I miss her. But, overall, things were great.

(Casey in front of the Christmas tree.)

We began the day rather late because we all slept in a bit (Dad was up late having way too much fun reading Twas the Night Before Christmas aloud). Mom, dad, and I opened gifts around 9:30 or so (awesome gift: a 1964 Life magazine that covers Richard Burton in Hamlet!!) and also celebrated Casey's birthday. He is fifteen today! I just can't believe he is that old! He is still doing well, although his back legs give out a bit. Still, he had a great day because he had lots of special treats and...get this...we actually had snow!

YES! SNOW!! Here in ALABAMA! On CHRISTMAS DAY!! No, it didn't stick, but we had lots of big flakes fall. And Casey absolutely LOVES the snow. (Sorry for the is just in me today.) So, as always when it snows, I took Casey outside for a walk and a picture. We always take a birthday picture, but this year it was a combo birthday and snow photo:

(Of course, you can't see any snow in this photo...but Casey was loving it.)

Then, mom and I called several friends and spent the rest of the day cooking.

Here are my cupcakes!

I drove over and picked up my mom's brother/my uncle, Larry. Then, around 4:30 or so, my Aunt Ginny, Uncle Ron, and cousins, Jeff and Jess, arrived. Grandma and Uncle Chuck came a bit later. We had a lot of fun and ate way too much! Here are some photos...

(From left to right: Me, Jess, and Jeff)

(Ginny and Mom)

(Jess and I)

(Mom and Jeff)

(Jess and Chuck)

(Jeff and I)

(Larry and I)

(Grandma, Ron, and Ginny. We set up chairs, tables, and other things downstairs for Grandma because she is still using her walker after breaking her pelvis.)

(Chuck, Ron, and Ginny. My high school graduation portrait in the background...ugh.)

(Jeff after too much food. However, two minutes later, he lifted me above his head while reclining on the floor!)

(Grandma and I)

(Yes, Jeff. You have been working out!)

(Larry and Dad...and, of course, my bad photo taking skills as seen by the flash in the window!)

(Grandma, Jeff, and Ron)

(Mom and Dad)

(Jess and Grandma)


James said…
Those are wonderful!! :)
Susan said…
Thanks, James! I hope you had a great holiday!

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