One of my worst qualities and a New Year's resolution:

My inability to express anger. It is true. I cannot express anger well, even when I have legitimate reasons to be angry. I don't know why this is except that it mirrors the way girls are raised in the south.

I spoke to a friend about this, and she thinks the same thing. As children, many southern girls (and probably girls, in general) are taught silence or flirtation as means to an end in certain situations.

Be nice. Don't be loud. Be sweet. Don't be loud. Don't be mean...

You get the point. And it isn't that being kind to people is a bad thing, of course! But it is destructive if you sacrifice yourself and your dignity in the process. So even if it sounds crazy, this is something I should work on!

The problem is that I developed the habit of covering up anger (and, even lesser unpleasant emotions) to an insane degree. I don't have problems listening or rocking the boat when necessary in my professional life, but in my personal life...well, being strong enough to assert myself is a huge issue. And, really, if you aren't honest about your feelings, then you aren't being honest with the other person. It is just as bad as someone who can't control their anger, someone who lashes out.

So, I suppose that if we are into making New Year's resolutions, then that will be mine. I will agree to break the boundaries of silence, people! I will get angry if I need to get angry. (Easier said than done, I think, but I will still try.)

So, just in fun, here is my polar opposite (thank goodness...I don't have any intentions of going this route, but it is just too much fun not to pass on this clip)!


James said…
I'll never look at that scene the same way again!! I'll start laughing imagining that's you!
Susie said…
I know! She is so out of control! That movie is incredibly intense, but as I was writing this post that scene suddenly turned funny to me as I tried to imagine myself doing that!

I hope you have a great Christmas, James!

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