Working, working, working: Catching up and boring you with the details of this last week

No...this week hasn't been a total bust. In fact, lots of great things happened because I got a chance to catch up with a lot of people I rarely get a chance to see these days:

1. I got to see my cousin, T. (Theron), who lives in Oregon. He and his sister and his parents (my dad's older sister and her husband) drove up from Dothan (T. came home for Christmas). We had a nice lunch (grandma went, too! So great to see her up and walking again) and a great visit.
2. I got a chance to have a short coffee break with my former student, Lisa. It was a lot of fun and I wish that I could have stayed around longer!
3. I had lunch with my friend Melanie who is pregnant with her first child! It was great to see her.
4. My friend Kelly came into town for two nights and we had a blast! We spent each evening together, having dinner and shutting down Books-a-Million's coffee shop each night! I miss her already! But, we will have a great time in NYC this summer.

As for movies:
I have seen two: Grand Hotel and Tangled.

I really couldn't get into Grand Hotel, even though it won best picture in 1932. I don't know...maybe I just wasn't in the mood. I just couldn't get into Garbo's acting (here is a clip...won't let me embed it on the blog). I did enjoy Joan Crawford, for the most part (another clip that I can't embed). Oh, well. At least we still have access to these old films!

As for Tangled:

Can I just say that two things...1) I HATE this new animation style...the characters look like plastic dolls. 2) I am so sick of 3D.
The movie was okay. I felt like the songs were rehashed from something like Beauty and the Beast (though not nearly as good) and I really thought that Rapunzel was a canned character. The attempts to make her strong fail, in my opinion. From the beginning, she is a throwback to the stereotypical girly characters: she spends her days in the tower reading about cooking, cooking, painting, making music...all of the traditional 18th and 19th century training for girls. Granted, her struggle with disobeying her "mother's" wishes that she not leave the tower is a fun scene, but I couldn't become attached to her or the "hero"...and he really got on my nerves. She should have married the horse.

But...other than the visiting friends/family and the two is the boring part of this post:
I have been out of the loop for a few days, trying to catch up on some work (at the magazine and on my dissertation). It is so frustrating. I am going through one of those phases where I just really don't want to work on the dissertation...but I have to do so or I will NEVER finish. Today, I am working on the methodology section of the chapter that we are writing as an article. Ugh. I want this to be over!!! See? I told you this part was dull.


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