Casey in the snow/ice...again!

Well, we really were lucky that the bulk of the snow and ice missed us. I have no problem with snow, but when ice causes power lines to fall down...well, I don't like that so much. In Alabama, we also can't drive in the snow very well because we have no equipment to clear roads or to sand them. So, ice paralyzes us. And I hate sitting at home. I really need to work on my dissertation and doing that at home is nearly impossible.

So, instead...

I took Casey's "snow" photos (see previous post for explanation):

(Casey sniffing a tree stump. I just bathed him a couple of days ago and he is going through a big shed, so you will probably see little pieces of hair sticking out! But, as you can see, we really didn't get "snow" as much as ice pellets. Still, it is white and on the ground, so Casey and I will pull out the camera!)

(Happiness for my dog is cold weather and walking on snow/ice...even at 15-yrs-old.)

(One of my favorites...this is "pure" Casey.)

(Looking around the backyard...)

(Another favorite: Casey looking under the table....yes, I love my dog!)


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