Just something funny...

This afternoon, I went to a local bookstore and browsed for an hour or so. While I was there, a group of three 15/16-year-old girls were trying to find Spark Notes for The Scarlet Letter (already a bad sign).

Anyway, they moved out into the main aisle and one of them started looking at books on a table. She suddenly said to her other two friends, "Hey. Do you guys know who Keats is?"

They were only about three or four feet from me, so I overheard this conversation and my ears perked up when I heard "Keats". I thought that she was talking about a book on the table...a book of poetry by Keats or something.

So, the other girls shook their heads and said, "No." One said, "Who is he?"

And the first girl said, "Well there is only one Keats!"

I thought: Very true, my dear.

And then she says: "You know. He is that guy in fourth period...he is really moody but I have a funny story about him."

This is the only Keats she knows. But she is only 15 or so...hopefully she will learn that there really is "only one Keats"...and that boy...well....he isn't the right one!


Cathy Copeland said…
heehee! This made me giggle. :)
Poor REAL Keats.
Susie said…
I know!

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