Nevermore by Kelly Creagh

I never had a chance to post about reading Kelly Creagh's Nevermore. I finally got around to some pleasure reading right around Christmas (shortly after finishing The Film Club). Anyway, I really enjoyed it. The ratings on Amazon were great so I thought that I would take a chance with buying a hardcover (something I rarely do). I was pleasantly surprised. I wondered how the author would approach Edgar A. Poe in a story about high school students...and she did a fantastic job. I also wondered how this book would give me something different from all of the other teen novels. Let me just say that I was very happy!

Nevermore pairs a goth guy (Varen) with a spoiled cheerleader (Isobel). The romance is very slow to build and the character's personal lives are very complex, always proving that you never really know what goes on behind closed doors. I think that Creagh captures a lot of things really well about high school and adolescent relationships. Also, in the background lurks a mystery that has to do with Poe...and Creagh pulls off the nearly impossible task of making you want to go out and read classic literature (and, no, I am not the only one saying this...lots of teen readers agree).

The story is too complex to go into in my review, but some readers complained that the book "just ended" with no resolution. Well...yes. This is a series. It is called a cliffhanger...and I appreciated it. I don't like the trend in lots of teen novels that neatly end each book in the series. Ugh. Boring.

Anyway, if you have some free time and just want to have fun with a good story, try to check out Nevermore. (And, as I mentioned in a previous post, the author has a fantastic web site:


katie g. said…
The guy on the cover reminds me of the creepy brother in Wedding Crashers. I just can't get it out of my head!!
Susie said…
You are so right, Katie! Oh my gosh!

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