A Rant about MTV's "Teen Mom 2"

Tonight, I came across Teen Mom 2. I decided to see what was up because I enjoyed last season, especially the really tragic issues that emerged out of that series. I still think that Catelyn and Tyler are amazing people.

HOWEVER: I REALLY object to what this television show has become. Gone is any meaningful commentary/documentary style television. Like The Real World, the first season was relevant and meaningful. There were no expectations, so no one was trying to make problems or dramatize anything. However, now, just like with their other reality shows, they have chosen people who are a "sure thing" as far as creating drama.
Normally, I would have no problem with that concept. I understand marketing and making money. However, MTV has crossed the line now. Take a look at this article:


This mom, Jenelle, has had problems for years...has been in trouble for years. For MTV to choose her for this show is a decision to amplify the position Amber fulfilled last season. That is a conscious decision on the network's part. Jenelle is clearly someone in need of help--and I hope that one day she will get it. But my problem isn't with her. My problem is with MTV. In my opinion, they are just as guilty of child endangerment/child emotional abuse as these teen moms who act out in front of their children. MTV knows exactly what it is doing and it is extremely irresponsible and appalling. They should be ashamed because they are playing a HUGE role in that child's life and its future. I could NEVER live with myself if I knew that I was a part of that environment--the reason I will NEVER watch the show again.

Shows like The Real World or Jersey Shore are different things. If those people want to get in trouble or act like a jackass, then that is fine. They are adults and are only putting themselves at risk. But we are including kids--BABIES--who have absolutely no say in what is happening to them. No one is tuning in to see how these people are trying (really? I can't see any of this yet) to be parents or even to see the babies. It is all about the drama of the mothers, how many fights can be shown between parents and teen moms screaming at one another while the baby is right there, or how they are (oops) having another pregnancy scare.

The thing is that MTV is capable of some really great productions. Their reality tv can be some of the most profound material on television. The problem is, after a really good first season that is meaningful, they always screw it up. What is ground breaking becomes money making. Again: FINE IF YOU ARE COVERING ADULTS. Not fine for kids or babies.

MTV: Wake up.


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