RSC: Not at all happy with you.

Dear RSC,

I am not at all happy with your decision to replace Antony and Cleopatra with Julius Caesar. Now my one trip to see the RSC this year has been taken away. I have already seen Julius Caesar and I really wanted to see Antony and Cleopatra...and now that hope has been ripped from my mind in a most violent manner. You just don't understand! I love Antony and Cleopatra!! I need to see it!! UGH!!! THE AGONY!!! Come on, RSC!!! Somewhere in your vast network of decision makers has to be my "man of men"!!

Okay. Maybe I am being a little dramatic. But this is the only thing I had to look forward to this summer. I, however, will forgive you if the company manages to run the play while I am in England (in two years).

So sad,


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