The Beast Within, from Madonna's Girlie Show Tour in 1993


Does anyone besides me remember this one? I just came across it on YouTube and I am so excited to find it. This is an interlude in the Girlie Show and doesn't actually have Madonna participating, but I remember being totally blown away by it when I saw it for the first time. Her concerts back in the day were the most amazing things to watch and I was totally enthralled by the Blond Ambition Tour and the Girlie Show (but I liked the Blond Ambition Tour better...sometimes the Girlie Show just was nuts). (As anyone who knew my my junior and senior year in high school can attest, I was a total Madonna fan!)

Anyway, this video is explicit, sexual, and violent and contains material that some of you might find objectionable. (Just putting that out there so that there are no surprises!) The dance/choreography is set to Madonna reading from the Book of Revelations. It was highly controversial for its time (as were most things she did in the tours), but I can't imagine that it is any less controversial now. Certainly makes you think and holds you captive. I just remember being amazed by the symbolism and the fluid motions of the bodies. For the record, one of the reasons the song was so controversial is that some claimed a particular passage used is antisemitic (specifically the following words from a passage: "those who say that they are Jews, but they are not. They are a Synagogue of Satan") I have no reason to believe (especially seeing as how her religious viewpoints evolved in the last decade) to think that Madonna intended to use hate speech in a personal way. The words and the dance and the symbolism, I believe, speak to something totally different...but, then, you can make up your own mind--and you should! The song was later rerecorded to omit the antisemitic passage (and rightly so), but I think that this routine was done before the lyrics were changed. (Again, fair warning for those of you watching...unfortunately, I can't find another version.)

AGAIN: Don't watch if you don't want to see it!


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