Deadly Vows

I have been waiting nearly a decade for this book:

I think that the last one came out in 2003...and it ended on a cliffhanger. With the rise in popularity of paranormal fiction, the author's contract on this series was suspended. And now it is finally here...yet not...because I had my hands on it two days ago in the bookstore and I couldn't buy it because it was put out on the shelf too soon! NOOOOO!!!! Anyway, it was kind of perfect because it was just more one more obstacle in my way before finding out what happens. Anyway, the book should be out next week!

I was surprised to see that Harlequin took over the publishing of this new edition to the series. The stories began as a mystery series and eventually ended up in the romance section, though there really is a decent mixture of romance and mystery in the books. Oh, well. I don't care who has it! I am just glad to find out (soon) what happens!


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