Don't Fence Me In

That song makes me laugh...but I feel that way right now. I am longing for some freedom and travel. Where in the world would I go? I can't go anywhere at the moment because of the dissertation/job/money situation...but one day I will venture back out into the world and enjoy myself!

The plan, when I finally graduate, is to reward myself with a nice trip to northern England and Scotland. My family comes from these areas and I really want to spend some time finding out where my family originated (this group came to what would become the US in the 1630s). But where else would I love to go? Let me start a list...(in no particular order)

1. Jordan
2. Greece
3. Egypt
4. Japan
5. Russia
6. Malaysia
7. Argentina
8. Morocco
9. Australia
10. Spain
....and so many more!

I guess I better find a job that pays well! Or, I will just live in poverty and save all of the money that I can so that I can travel!


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