How NOT to say "Happy Valentine's Day" to your significant other:

Okay. I have seen this ad and heard about it on the radio, too.

"The perfect Valentine's Day gift for your girlfriend/significant other/wife/mistress/whatever."--My quote...not theirs. I just feel the need for sarcasm.

I don't know about you, but the first time a man gives me footed pajamas on Valentine's Day or on any other occasion will be the last time he darkens my doorstep. These are great...for a two-year-old. But I am a woman grown. If you feel the need to buy me night wear of any kind, know that this would be a deal breaker. I am just putting that out there. I mean, does this really put anyone in the romantic mood? Because if it does, there are some serious issues at hand. I want to feel feminine...not like the kid in The Christmas Story who receives the Easter bunny outfit. My pride alone demands more than a cheaply made pajama outfit that should be put on a child. If this came my way, it and the man would be returned to wherever they originated from in a very unpleasant way.

And, really, as in so many occasions, one must always ask: "What would Elizabeth Taylor think/do/say?"
--I think we can all guess what would happen if a man gave her these.

And, no judgment for the woman who buys this kind of thing for herself. If she wants the footed pajamas, then that is great. But, guys. Come on. This just isn't a great idea...for reasons practical and otherwise.


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