One of those days!

I have been writing all morning and part of the afternoon. Unfortunately, it is one of those days when writing is just not coming easily! Each stroke of the keyboard is torture.

On a different note, I am through with the second book in the Donati saga (Dawn on a Distant Shore). It wasn't long and had much larger type than Into the Wilderness, so the reading time was short and sweet. That being said, it wasn't my favorite book. I have heard that books two and three are not great, but that book four is excellent! Still, I have high hopes for book three (Lake in the Clouds) because I love the character of Hannah. It is much longer than Dawn on a Distant Shore and the type is it could be a while before I have an opinion about it!

Meanwhile, the weather here is so dreary...rain, rain, rain. I am so ready for spring. I think Groundhog Day is tomorrow...right? Let's hope for a quick end to winter!


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