Should have done this in January....

Favorite photos of 2010? Too many things to choose from over the last year. But here are my favorite photos/moments....

(Donna, me, and Beth at Avatar. I didn't like the movie, but I always have fun with them and they are two of my closest friends...including the person taking the photo, Donna's husband, Mac. Thanks for including me and I love you guys!)

(My birthday party back in August. It had been such a hard summer, caring for and watching my other grandmother die. This is me with my dad's mother, Jean, who made sure that I had a fun night after all of the sadness and stress of the summer.)

(Another image from the party. This is me with Claire, close family friend and coworker. She is off to do wonderful things after graduating in May. I will miss you, Claire! Who else is going to put up with me on my bad days? Certainly not my dead husband/ghost office mate, Andrew. He has already abandoned me. Is there divorce in the spirit world? And what about the living men who baffle me? I need you to stay in touch!!!)

(Two of my most favorite people in the world: my cousins, Jessica and Jeff. If I could write you a love song...without it sounding abnormal or creepy...I would. I love you guys more than you will ever know.)

(Me and my cousin, Laura. This year you and I have grown incredibly close. I love you and you are one of the most generous and amazing people in the world. I am a better person for having you in my life.)

(My mom and I. So typical that we always forget to take photos together when we are dressed up! Usually we are too busy taking photos of other people, so one of us together is rare. I think this was taken after my birthday party. We had already changed clothes when I realized that we never had a picture taken together that night! The last five years have been excruciatingly hard. Between dad's cardiac arrest and subsequent brain damage and the long and difficult hours in the hospital watching your mother and my grandmother deteriorate and fade, we have learned to be different people. Life will never be what it was, but we are stronger because of it. I love you and you are my support. I couldn't do it without you.)

(Okay...technically not from 2010. This is Melanie and I. It breaks my heart a little that this is the only photo we have taken in a couple of years! You are someone who knows me better than most. You and Josh are going to be awesome parents and I love you guys!)


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