My First Elizabeth Taylor-Related Memory and Its Consequences

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The first time I remember being exposed to any movie Elizabeth Taylor acted in was when I was about eight or nine-years-old. Now, it should be said that my parents never censored my reading or viewing material as I was growing up. So, though Cat on a Hot Tin Roof is a bit mature, and though I certainly did not "get" all of it at that age, that was the first Elizabeth Taylor movie I remember seeing. My only impressions of seeing it at that age is that I kind of distractedly watched it during many scenes, but I was totally glued to the screen when it was just Taylor and Newman. About eight years later, when I was sixteen, I became totally obsessed with the movie. I would watch it over and over again. And maybe I still didn't "get" all of it, but I sure did get Elizabeth's passion.

Fast forward about seven years: am forcing a now ex-boyfriend to watch part of the movie with me while I was living in Birmingham (don't think he was too put off) when suddenly he says, "You know, you move your hands just like that do the same thing with your hands as she does with her hands."

For me, at the time, it was shocking and, yet, the ultimate compliment. I guess I internalized more of that film than I realized. I still don't know exactly what he meant by that entire statement, but I understand some of it. He was probably lying (almost certainly, knowing him!) for his own reasons...but who cares. :)

Anyway, not sure what that says about me...but it is my Elizabeth Taylor moment.

Of course, now that I am older and really "get" the movie and Tennessee Williams, I have a much stronger and deeper appreciation of the film. Though very different from the play for various reasons, I still love it for what it is. For what Taylor does in that film and in so many others.

And--as a side note: I have not written much on here about Taylor's work with her AIDs foundation. Again. Amazing. She broke barriers in whatever she set her mind to do.

We lost someone incredible today. Even if you weren't a fan of her life or her work, you have to admit that she made a statement.

ALSO: My friend Kelly's reaction to her death...

"I feel abandoned...It's like Rome is gone. It's like God has said, this is all there is, folks; all the splendor of mankind is now only ever to be legend."

I would add to that: Egypt is gone, too, in the Shakespearean sense.

"Egypt, thou knew'st too well
My heart was to thy rudder tied by the strings,
And thou shouldst tow me after...


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