New Precious Mylee Photos:

(Mylee loving her bottle!)

(The most precious child in the world in my arms! Thanks for letting me spend time with her, Melanie!)



Love the pictures. Thanks for getting Janice and providing respite support to Melanie. Thanks for the love and support you provide for our family. Okay we know you like seeing Mylee more than us and we're okay with that ha-ha. I don't blame you!See you later.
Susie said…
You are so sweet! Anything you guys need, just call! I know this is a wonderful but hectic time! I love you guys and I do love seeing you, too. :) But, you have to admit, Mylee is a gorgeous distraction! :) Love ya'll! You are such wonderful parents!
Susie said…
Oh--I am printing these out for you guys, too. I plan to put the one I took after Mylee's birth and this new one of her enjoying the bottle in a cute frame for you guys!

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