Remember me talking about magazine industry stuff??

See this old post: The September Issue.

Well, here is an incredible article published recently about where I used to work. So many amazing people. Reading this reminded me so much of my time there. What a horrible breakdown, though...

This is one of my favorite bits, because it is so true:

"Many writers, designers and photographers will tell you that Southern Progress Corporation in Birmingham is, or was, a damn near Edenic place to work.

At Southern Progress, these creatives could practice their craft at a high level while living in laid-back, family-friendly Birmingham, rather than being forced to hustle for a buck in a busy media Gomorrah like New York or Chicago...Many former staffers talk about what they call SPC’s family atmosphere. Nick Patterson was an associate editor at SL in what became the Travel & Livings department. “[former CEO Tom] Angelillo, it would never fail that if he saw me in the hall, he would stop and ask me what I had been doing. And [former SL editor in chief] John Floyd would have meetings with his staff every week. ‘Java with John’ it was called. Basically he would answer any question from anybody on the staff.”

And all of that is true. Everyone spoke to one another. It was a wonderful environment. And Joe Rada, the former Southern Living writer/travel editor, has it right:

“The initial impression I had of [SPC], and it lasted for a long time, was how polite the society there was. It was the epitome of Southern culture. It was a growing company, always expanding, introducing new sections, new divisions. And everybody was nice. Everybody was polite, positive Southern boosters. The whole corporate concept was the good life in the South.”

It really was the sort of dream and lifestyle in the bubble...but what a beautiful bubble it was.

Usually, I really enjoy change. But this is something that didn't turn out so well, unfortunately. Still, here is hoping for the best. I do wish much good luck to the new editor!

...And, by the way, I am working on a "thought-provoking" people piece! It is going to be a fun one! I needed something fun to do between all of this chaos at the hospital and so much diss. work. But all of the problems over the last two weeks have delayed my progress. It is coming along, though. :)


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