Tributes and Exhaustion

I think I have watched just about as many tributes as I can watch. I don't like most of them, but I enjoyed the Biography Channel "Remembers" the best, mostly because there were several clips of Elizabeth Taylor speaking.

I am just really tired today. I didn't get much sleep (the sweet, but elderly, dog, again). But, I did have a crazy dream with Taylor in it. She told me she liked the film clips I posted. :) (Laughing about that today!)

Anyway, this week has just been chaotic. My uncle (dad's brother) has been in the hospital's trauma unit since Tuesday. He hit his head (hard enough to knock him out) last Friday night. He didn't tell anyone that this happened, and it is a miracle that he isn't dead from the injury. Anyway, the pain became so bad on Tuesday that he drove himself to the hospital and was immediately admitted to the trauma unit for bleeding in the brain. So, he had one surgery to repair a torn artery and another today to help clear up more bleeding on the brain (at least not "in" the brain this time). He is still in a lot of danger and I hope he does well.

But, please, anyone out there reading this: If you fall and hit your head, ALWAYS go to the hospital. It is just too dangerous not to do so.

Other than that, I have just been trying to stay awake and cope with all of the craziness. Lots of work, as usual, too. Here is hoping the rest of the week goes well.


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