Ah, land of my ancestors, memories of you are making me want to return to you tonight.

Leeds Castle. Okay. Not technically where my family was from in England (we are Durham folks). But look at that. King Henry VIII was one lucky guy...crazy, yes...but lucky. This was my absolute favorite tourist/heritage site. Go there if you have a chance!
(Source: Personal photo.)


Cathy Copeland said…
Oh, I've never visited Leeds Castle....but I want to! All of those gorgeous castles make me yearn for England too! America seems so boring and young.

With the royal wedding, too, I find myself gob-smacked by the history and beauty that reporters mention as an aside. I mean, they're getting married in WESTMINISTER! OMG...talk about history! and beauty! and Chaucer! and Milton! OMG.

Okay, okay...I'll breathe and relax.
Susie said…
You have to go there! It is a lot of fun. Just walking where Henry and Catherine walked...wow. And, even though I am not a weddings person, I am super hyped about the William/Kate affair!!! EXCITING!!! You absolutely have to write a blog post about their wedding!!

PS: I loved Westminster, too...but I did have one moment where I wanted to pound on Dickens's grave. :)

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