End of the semester!

Well, here it is...the day I have been waiting for: the last day I have to teach new material this semester! By the last month of the semester, I am so tired that it is a struggle to go into the classroom each day. Ugh. And, today was especially interesting to me for some other reasons, but I can't go into those just yet. I will soon.

On a very positive note, I found out that I for sure have funding secure for next year! Hooray! I received the Blount fellowship and am so grateful. It is an amazing program here on campus and we are lucky to have it in place.

Other than that, last night we had our big 25th anniversary party for the magazine. Such a busy night, but it was a lot of fun. Unfortunately, those of us who worked it (all of us who work at the magazine had to work the party...and, Jeff, my cousin, came and worked, too!) got caught in the rain.

(A quick photo of the venue before everyone arrived. This is Smith Hall, the geology building on campus that also houses a natural history museum. It is an amazing place.)

So, the "look" of the evening for many of us was ruined. Add to that horrible humidity and an old building...well, you get the picture! It was fine if you arrived fresh and beautiful, but after 6+ hours of working (some of that outside in the rain)...well, you get it. My hair fell and frizzed a bit and my great dress was wet. Ugh. Horrible.

(Jeff and I. This was at the very end of the evening and the rain/sweat/heat/humidity/running around had taken its toll. But, it was still a great night and a lot of fun!)

Still, it was a great time and I really think everyone loved it. Our guests (subscribers and contributors) were/are amazing and we are so grateful for them.


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