Everything I read today comes back to how books are related to people:

"Every page was once a blank page, just as every word that appears on it now was not always there, but instead reflects the final result of countless large and small deliberations." -- Francine Prose in Reading Like A Writer.


Selah said…
Well, you said if I gave you a book suggestion I'd be a friend for life soo.... I suggest you read The Behaviour of Moths. If you haven't already that is. Or if you like something peculiar, try The Sound and The Fury.
Or if you want a really peculiar read, have a look at my blog 'The Sound of Colours'.. http://thesoundofthecolours.blogspot.com/
Happy reading!!
Susie said…
And I meant it! Thanks so much for the recommendation. I have read The Sound and the Fury, but I haven't read The Behaviour of Moths. Will be looking at that in the next couple of minutes on Amazon. Thanks for the recommendations, new friend! Please stop by the blog when you can!


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