Fun Memories from the Past!

I finally had a chance to scan some photos today, but my time was limited. Here are a few!

This is one of my favorite more recent photos, taken six (?) years ago. I am in the USF sweatshirt, of course, because this was taken while I was attending school down there! Jeff, to the right of me, and Jess, to the right of him, had come to Tampa for a short visit before Thanksgiving. We drove back to Alabama from Tampa the day before Thanksgiving and stopped in Dothan to visit our aunt, my dad's older sister Jeanne, and Uncle Theron. This was taken out by her pool.

I think that I am about four-years-old in this photo--one of my absolute favorites. Mom had just returned from a business buying trip to New York and I am in my dress from Macy's. :)

Mom and I outside of the auditorium where I had my ballet recital. I think that I am either three- or four-years-old. I was a rose in the Sleeping Beauty section.

Taken when I was about nine-years-old, this is my absolute favorite photo of my grandfather (Morgan Hinson, my mother's father) and I. It was taken on Christmas Eve.

Proof that I actually did something "girly." I was a cheerleader for a local kid's football team when I was six. This lasted one season. I was outraged that I had to wear a skirt when it was cold outside and the boys could wear pants.

Me with my Uncle Ron and Aunt Ginny (my dad's younger sister). She is pregnant with my cousin Jessica at this time. I think this was taken at Six Flags (Georgia). I am three. :)

I have photos of Jessica coming, but this one of Jeffrey at age three or so, doing his typical pirate "ARGH!!", cracks me up!

Left to Right: Grandma Jean, Bob Hart (cousin), Aunt Josephine (in the middle), me (around age 7), and my mom, Linda. You see my African American Cabbage Patch doll, Max? My relatives were always trying to find me dolls of different races because I wanted babies from all backgrounds. I was obsessed with adoption. I had lots of them. I wanted some Asian and Hispanic dolls, too, but my mom could never find them. My Spanish tutor finally found me a doll in Mexico, but that came later!

Left to Right: Grandma Jean, Joyce, Joyce's mom, Dad in background, me (age 10), and Uncle Ugo. Joyce and Joyce's mom are cousins from England. Ugo is from Italy.

Taken right before my fifth birthday, this is dad and I!

And, last, but not least: Lord Byron. We only had him for a little under two years because he developed a brain tumor and died, but he was an amazingly smart dog...and he loved to steal things! Here he is with my wallet! He would steal it EVERYDAY! He stole the neighbor's shoes from her porch (we would replace them each morning before she woke up). He could take a ponytail holder out of my hair without me ever knowing it until my hair fell! He was amazing. He understood commands in Spanish and English (my experiment) and loved watching Zorba the Greek (long story). I still miss him.

And a big Thank You to James for sending this one along!...

This was taken several years ago when we went out to see a coworker of my father in a contest to win a boat! It was crazy!


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