My Last Lecture:

So, as the semester comes to an end, I always start to think about what I want to say to my students as I send them into a new semester and away from me. Most of them won't really care what I say, but a few of them will. On our final day of classes (coming up very soon), I always have a short speech for my students, encouraging them to do good things and to believe in their talents and to take lessons from our reading and apply them to the real world. These are things I really believe in and I always make them hear it...because, hey, they are a captive audience, after all! It is the one time I wield my power as the time keeper for my own purposes!

But this year is different. This semester may be the last semester I teach for quite some time (of course, you never know). My funding and teaching assistantship runs out in May, and I am not scheduled to teach for next year (though I have other plans at the moment). It is a strange feeling, even though I am ready for a break. So, I want to make this year's "speech" (though it isn't that long!) count.

Anyway, I am thinking of these things right now and hoping I get it right--and that some of them actually hear me. I have some really wonderful students this semester. They are not only good thinkers but also are good people. I wish them the best!


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