Where have I been??

It has been days since I posted something substantial on this blog! I am sorry, but things have been incredibly crazy lately. My students turned in their papers (translation: 60 papers to grade over the last week). Add to that magazine copy crunches and family hospital time (with my uncle)...and, well, you get the picture.

I do promise that posts are forthcoming.

What have I been doing in the meantime? Well, I do have a "Thought-Provoking People" post ready to go once I hear back from a friend who is reading over it for me (this subject for the post is very much alive and a "virtual" acquaintance, so I want things correct). I am also reading a lot of Augusta Evans Wilson books, because I have the documentary filming coming up (along with the public event itself in Mobile). Just trying to familiarize myself with everything again!

I haven't been doing a lot of dissertation work over the last two weeks, but I worked so much on it for two weeks before then, so I had to get other things taken care of recently! Scheduling is so hard to work out these days.

So, I guess that the basics of what I am telling you is that I have been REALLY BUSY doing things that you probably wouldn't want to read about anyway! I will post my thoughts about the Augusta Evans Wilson books at some point...but not right now. :)

I also almost posted an entry about the movie "The Nanny Diaries" today...but I always promised myself never to write anything on this blog that was negatively directed at another person (or people)--esp. people I know. So, let's just say that I have a very strong reaction to that movie. I can't even be in the room when it is on. I cry...EVERY time I see any scene. And I don't cry when watching movies. I don't watch "The Nanny Diaries," but my dad, strangely enough, had it on today when I walked in the room. It was at the point where the little boy runs after the car as the nanny leaves the vacation home. Ugh. I got so angry and then I knew I was about to break down, so I had to leave the room. It was just horrible. I couldn't even talk because my voice was shaking so much. (And I wasn't about to break down in front of my dad!) I had to get myself under control and just leave the house. Anyway, it is just a bad thing. And, I wish I could write about it, but it will never happen...on this blog, anyway. And I would never mention names...though some of you who know me well will probably know what I am talking about. Anyway. Ugh. So sad. Some people don't understand the blessing of children.


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