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Oh my.


Good Advice from Jonathan Franzen:

Jane Pratt and Jane Mendle saved my life today!

I love this:

To the citizens of Joplin, a letter from Tuscaloosa:

What I am reading now...

Update after update after update...

A great piece about the Tuscaloosa torndao

A great interview!

The blog has 49 followers...

The Rapture

Sorry for the lack of updates lately!

My childhood neighborhood: Tornado photos

Mr Richard Smethurst: Still my favorite host ever

Tuscaloosa Runs This: E-book

I am taking a week to do what I want...

Mylee's Dedication:

Thank you, Your Majesty!


Tuscaloosa: A Moment of Silence

A baby step in the direction of normal...

Forgotten Tuscaloosa/Alabama/South

Charlie Sheen is in Tuscaloosa...


Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2

Tornado Footage: