A baby step in the direction of normal...

I went back to work at the magazine on Monday, and, because I was slammed with text to get to our designer, I was able to concentrate on work. Now, however, we have a bit of down time and it is really hard to concentrate on working when I really just want to know what is going on with my students and with everything in the city.

Today was a bit better, though. I actually printed out some articles for my dissertation research...a huge step for me because I haven't tried to touch it in over a week.

But, other things are looking better in town, too. Roads are opening up (though traffic can be at a standstill), business are slowly opening up, and people are getting out to do normal things a bit more. And though you can't go anywhere without feeling the sadness and devastation, there is also a tremendous spirit of hope in this community right now.

My mom called me after going to the grocery store and said that she and another woman were talking about how wonderful everyone is being to one another.

If only it would last, she said.

Very true. Here's hoping, Tuscaloosa.


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