Jane Pratt and Jane Mendle saved my life today!

I woke up this morning after a dream that Jane Pratt and I had revived Sassy magazine...only to discover, of course, that it wasn't true. That I don't know Jane Pratt. That I can't buy Sassy magazine ever again. That all of the women's/teen girl's publications are crap.

I published a "tweet" about this...

...only to find that a Jane who I do know, my lovely friend Jane Mendle, sends me a tweet in response informing me that Jane Pratt has a new web site!!!

AND: get ready...it is very much like Sassy...only better because it is a more grown up version, with contributions by and a staff composed of former Sassy and Jane editors/writers!! A dream come true!!!

Ah. It is the Day of Jane. We should just make it a holiday, celebrating both Jane Pratt, my idol, and Jane Mendle, who is now in my will.

Love, love, love.

Check it out: XOJane.com. (And, as you surf, imagine me blissfully happy.) I don't care that it isn't just like Sassy (or that some of it might seem like a "self parody" as mentioned in the article below)...I am just happy to have Jane Pratt back in print--even digital print!

More info about the web site: Article.

CLEARLY, my dream was prophetic.


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