My childhood neighborhood: Tornado photos

Somehow, the street I lived on partially survived. Our old house did, too, though it and the others around it are uninhabitable. We were able to get closer, but it was sad and like a ghost town...

(Source: All photos were taken by me. This is the neighborhood where I spent my childhood...well, what is left of it. In the background of this photo, you can see a blue house with red brick. To the left of that house, though hard to see, is our old house.)

(Source: my photo. Another view...)

(Source: My photo. This is a close up of the house you can see in the first photo that looks like it is leaning in the front of the picture. I was amazed.)

(Source: My photo. This was taken from the opposite direction of the first photo. I am standing on the same spot, just facing the opposite direction. If I had not traveled these streets so much as a child, I would not know where I was.)


janet h said…
Oh my goshhhh. I'm sorry to hear about the tornado and especially these pics...they are heartbreaking..:S
Susie said…
Janet, thank you for your concern. I appreciate it. Seeing it up close really is heartbreaking. Thank you so much for reading the blog, too. I am thankful!


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