To the citizens of Joplin, a letter from Tuscaloosa:

Please read this lovely letter written by B.J. Hollars, a friend and fellow UA instructor/writer: To the citizens of Joplin, a letter from Tuscaloosa.

B.J. is a wonderfully talented author with an amazing soul. This is my favorite part of the letter:

"I should warn you, also, that you will soon be inundated with a storm of another sort. Everyone will want to help you, and even those of you who were spared the worst of it will receive a knock on your door, someone pleading with you to take a bottle of water.

Accept it.

This is a small gift from a person who feels as helpless as you do, and even if the good you are doing feels not good enough, just remember you’re helping by taking it."

It made me cry. Again.


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