Update after update after update...

So many things have happened in just a matter of weeks, you know? I just feel like I haven't had a chance to really update this blog well in a long time. Basically, things have just been really busy.

First of all, as you all know, there was the tornado.

Then, there was the stress of trying to locate all of my students and getting their grades settled. The way this semester ended really makes me sad. I mean, I am not complaining about missing out on the hours of giving and grading finals. Oh, no. That is fine. But, this was my final semester to teach (I hope not forever), and I just didn't get a chance to end everything in my mind.

The reason it is my last time to teach? Because I got a job! Yes, that is absolutely a good thing. I am now full time at the magazine, which is great because it is a university position. Benefits are a wonderful thing. I am not being sarcastic when I say that I feel like I have achieved the American dream. I have BENEFITS. Insurance that won't cost me a fortune and all kinds of other little things. But, most importantly, I finally got that most elusive of items: the faculty/staff parking decal. Honestly, that is the biggest perk in the world! :)

But, I do love my job. I get to spend all day reading, editing, researching, and, sometimes, writing.

And, speaking of writing, I didn't get to go to the Mobile event to film my part in the documentary about Augusta Evans Wilson because it was the weekend right after the tornado. But, the director will be coming back to AL this summer and we are planning to do it then. I hate that I missed the Southern Literary Trail event. I really wanted to talk about AEW.

Still, I have several writing projects going on at the moment. I will go ahead and briefly mention one: I am writing an article about a pirate!!! I am super excited about this one! I really can't wait. This guy is a complete rogue and so ruggedly handsome (one painting exists...he lived in the late 1700s/early 1800s).

Other than that, the dissertation is still going along okay. I am finally back to working on it regularly, again, which is a relief. I just turned in two revisions today (the intro and first chp), but I am still working on another chapter revision. Once that is done, I can go back to writing again, but these needed to be better before I did anything else.

Also, I am trying to be good about exercising again, especially because I am sitting so much now. I walked/ran four miles today, and I am so glad to be back to it. I feel so much better, mentally and physically.

So, that is it for now! Until next time...


Hanners said…
Congrats on the job! That is wonderful, and I am so envious of your new green hangtag.
Susie said…
Thanks, Hannah! Yes, the hang tag is just about the most beautiful thing I have seen in a while. :)

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