Yes. I know.

I haven't been good about updating. Let's just say that I have a lot on me right now. Crazy pressure: lots of writing projects, a sickly dog, a full time job, etc. But I will be back as soon as I can manage. Meanwhile, shorter posts will have to do. :)

I haven't slept well this weekend for worrying over my dog. If you have read this blog long enough, then you know how attached I am to Casey. He is really old, and he has been through just about everything with me. If you aren't a dog/animal lover, then you don't know what I am saying. But Casey and I...we have a bond! It is going to kill me when the day comes.

That being said, I have to learn to enjoy the good things and the good days. But I am sick of feeling loss.

Other than that--which has dominated the last week of my life--I have been trying to write on three different projects, including editing the chapters I have of my dissertation. I have started the Tumblr...which isn't really a commitment of any kind, but I do enjoy it...and I have been swimming in the seas of a crazy production cycle. The tornado really put us behind schedule and it is driving me mad. But, I have a great intern, and she is helping me get caught up on the next issue. So that is an excellent thing!

What else...what else? Hmmm. I am almost ready to write a short review of The Chronology of Water. Talk about an intense book. I just haven't had the strength to tackle that one just yet.

I am still researching the pirate.

I picked up some Willa Cather novels because I have never read anything by her (sad, I know). So, I plan to jump into those soon, along with George du Maurier's Trilby.

So, that is about it...except for the fact that I found out this morning that Kathryn Tucker Windham died. Wow. Talk about an Alabama legend. Along with the phenomenal Harper Lee, Windham was one of the greats.

I am so glad that I and so many others had the privilege of hearing her tell stories...and, of course, the ghost stories were my favorite. :) Rest in peace, Ms. Windham.


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