Sort of Wordless Wednesday:

We didn't take any photos of Casey when he was really small, because we didn't think we would be able to keep him. I found this photo of a shepherd/chow mix on a web site this morning, and, if you just reversed the dark hair on the puppy's face to be around the mouth and the light hair to be on his head, this looks JUST LIKE Casey as a puppy!! I love it! Same look in the eyes (though Casey's were lighter) and everything! Adorable!!

What is so amazing to me: the ears. Casey had fur on his ears that was soooo soft. I mean, I have never felt anything like it. And his ears were floppy, just like this dogs. The hair on the ears here is exactly the same as Casey's.

There are several more photos of the same dog here: Daily Puppy.

Seeing these photos did not make me sad at all. In fact, it was the most healing moment in this entire grieving process. Just to know that there are such close look-a-likes out there makes me happy. And, to see that they are loved just as much as my Casey...well, that means the world.


Amy said…
Such a cute puppy!

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