Tasty Thursday: The Best Cake Ever

This cake takes a long time to make, but it is SO worth it. I have made it a few times for special occasions. The first time I made it was for my mom's birthday several years ago....so delicious! A word of advice: some people don't like the dual frosting thing (whipped cream in layers and cream cheese on top). Personally, I like the whipped cream as my entire frosting, but that is just me! Also, give yourself plenty of time to make this one!


Try it. You won't be sorry. :)


Amy said…
Did you make that cake in the photo? Very pretty!
James said…
Hey, I don't remember you making that!
Susie said…
No, that isn't my photo...but I just remembered that I do have a photo of that cake! I need to scan it in! So good! Takes forever to make...but wow.

I made it a really long time ago! I have been thinking about making it again...so good!


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