Do you have "Cover Crushes"??

I admit it. Sometimes, I buy a book if it has a gorgeous cover. Now, this doesn't necessarily mean that a gorgeous man must be on the cover (though I have been known to buy those, as well). No, I just like beautiful or interesting cover art.

I have mentioned this one before, but I LOVE it. It is my new "Cover Crush":

The Clockwork Prince
By Cassandra Clare
Release: December 2011 (YAY!!)


Amy said…
When I worked at the Library a few years ago, I found a book with a cover that I thought was just beautiful. I read it for no other reason than that. I still think the cover is beautiful even though the book was just ok. It's called
"In the Hope of Rising Again" by Hellen Scully. I also like the cover of "The Paris Wife", and I really loved the book as well.
Susie said…
I love a gorgeous cover! Sometimes, it is just inspiring to have a visual, isn't it? I have seen the cover for "The Paris Wife," and I agree that it is great. I don't think I have seen the other one, though...will have to find it!

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