The Ominous To-Be-Read Pile

It haunts my room, my office, my bookshelves, my extra storage space: the "To-Be-Read Pile!" is the definition of American instant gratification: see a book I love and buy it right away. Never mind that I have five hundred others (an exaggeration, thank goodness) that I need to read. I always feel guilty, because I have some really wonderful novels just waiting for me to crack them open! I love books, though, and frequently can't stop myself.

I have taken a note from a fellow blogger. Amy, over at I Ponder the Page, had a great idea. She has taken her books and categorized them, placing them on shelves at eye level so that she will begin working her way through books that she has always wanted to read. Excellent idea, I say. I plan to do this over the weekend...when I am not reading the book for my next review at, or finishing up some reading for the online class I am participating in this semester, or working on my conference paper, or working on my article that is see? I just need to stay out of bookstores for a really long time. With all of this, I will never be able to get to my TBR pile! I also need to finish the book I am reading for the book club. It is great, but with everything else going on...geez. I am so exhausted! I will put a review of it on this site, though, once I am finished.

Anyway, once I decide what will be on what will become one of many to-be-read shelves, I will take a photo and post it up here...just to keep me on track, you know? :)


Amy said…
Thank you so much for mentioning my blog! Going through my shelves has been a HUGE eye opener. I didn't realize how many books I have that I haven't read. I need to get busy! Thanks again!
Susie said…
You are very welcome! I agree...I feel so guilty sometimes when I see all of these books that I haven't read. I try to give away as many books as I can part with (after reading, of course!) and a lady who works at one of the coffee shops here on campus takes others. I read widely, so I have a lot of teen books. Those things can get expensive! So, I usually end up giving them to her daughter (who is 16 and has developed a love for reading after getting hooked by Twilight...not my favorite, but if it made her a reader, then okay!). Still, I just sometimes think my book obsession has gone overboard! :)

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