Crazy Weekend

As you know (if you read the last post), my dad had to go back into the hospital. He started having chest pains while at the doctor's office, and the doctor sent him straight to the ER. I swear, we should have our own room out there, now!

Any trip to the ER with dad these days is a scary event. His body is so fragile, and I always am terrified that "today is the last day." Yet, the strangest thing always happens when we are in the ER. We laugh about everything. I guess it is nervousness, but there isn't any anxiety in the jokes. We tell funny stories, make fun of the fact that we should own the hospital, tell each other we love one another about a million times, etc. This time, we were, once again, in the same ER room we are always in, and I suggested that it become the "Dave" room, complete with photos and memorabilia and "Crazy Date" blasting on speakers. (For those of you who don't know, "Crazy Date" was my dad's Top 40 song that he wrote when he was only 15.)

The news was both good and bad. I am not going to go into it, because it really makes me sad and angry. (Yes. Angry. This is the first time I am coming to terms with that emotion in this case.) We came home on Friday afternoon, and I am tying to focus on the positive, to keep dad as happy and laughing as he can be, forever how long he is with us. He is on two new medicines--very new and very advanced. So, those are helping oxygen get into his heart and is taking away any pain he might feel. We went out for coffee twice this weekend, and he had a blast. He is still walking a little, too, so that is excellent. Meanwhile, we are just enjoying each other.

I don't mean to imply that he is on death's doorstep. I am just saying that we are appreciating every day that we have.

I hate heart disease. My dad did everything he could to help himself--but the body has its own ideas. Sometimes, your body acts on its own. But, for anyone out there who can change things for themselves--who can start to eat better, move a little bit more, etc.--please do so. Think of your family. I have been living with this heart condition of my father's (because when a family member is sick, we are all sick) since I was fifteen. It has been really hard. We have been through so much. I am tired, but I am grateful that my father lives during this time. If any of this had happened twenty years ago, he would be long gone.

So, yes. I have a lot to be thankful for. But my dad had a lot to do with his resilience, too. He exercised and ate right, just to give himself whatever advantage he could. And it has really helped. So, even if it is a struggle, please do the right thing and take care of your body. Never give up. Even little things make a HUGE difference. Eat more veggies; eat more fresh food; move around. You don't have to run a marathon. You can do little things, like park your car far from an entrance to a mall or just take a walk around your block. Everything counts.

But not only that. You need to spend time with those you love. And I mean REALLY spend time with them. Listen to them. Find out who they are. You may not like everything about them, but they are part of you...and, therefore, they ARE you. Don't just sit in front of the television in silence or argue about stupid things. Make your time together count.

I am lucky. I am an adult who has not lost a parent yet. So many people cannot say the same thing. I think about other friends of mine, whose son is losing his best friend to cancer. The boy is ten-years-old. I can't imagine that kind of agony. The child's name is Evan, and he is on hospice care now. I don't know him, and neither do you, probably, but let's pray for him/send him good energy anyway.

I also send prayers/positive thoughts to the children born after 9/11, whose fathers were killed in the attacks. Diane Sawyer interviewed several of them last night. Wow. Talk about amazing children. They have so many gifts and so much to give. I can't wait for them to do so many wonderful things.

Anyway, I have gotten terribly off track in this post, but it is the best I can do today! Hang in there, everyone, and thanks for the good wishes.


Amy said…
Great post Susie. I needed to hear it. I'll keep praying for your Dad and your family!
Susie said…
Thank you so much, Amy!

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