The fumes in my office are still out of control, so I am, once again, working at the bookstore. I don't mind it so much, especially now that I have finished all of the changes to our proofs. Not being able to have access to my usual software has been an adjustment. I don't have remote access from home just yet, and the university library is the only place in town that offers the Adobe software I need...so, with the Labor Day holiday and all...well, you get it: I couldn't progress! UGH! I hate having to be flexible when I know things are due. I just have to tell myself, "Get over it, Susie!"

I am taking a mini-break right now, so I thought I would write a quick blog post. It is a "LIVE" post! :) See...

Here I am (well, okay...not me, exactly, but my computer), at my favorite back corner table at Barnes and Noble, writing on my blog! I have my first Pumpkin Spice latte of the season (yay, Fall!!!), and I am typing away. Yes, I know it isn't that interesting...but it is all I have for you right now. :)

So, until later, everyone have a great day!


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