I wish I had something exciting to tell you...

...but I don't. :)

This week has flown by! I have been working from home, but we are in production and I have been super busy. I heard that my office looks great (the new paint and all), but I haven't been by to see it yet. I plan to make my way over there on Sunday, if I can. I need to make changes to the proof copies this weekend...which means that I might take a little comp time next week, if I can.

Other things I have been doing:
1. I finished a draft of my conference paper. I am not at all satisfied with it, but I decided to turn it in to my most amazing dissertation director--a.k.a. the one who pulls me out of the proverbial "Castle of Doubt" (oh, yes...I so just made a Pilgrim's Progress reference). He sent me some really helpful feedback, so I am ready to go back to it now.

2. Reading more Kresley Cole... :)

3. Watching Dallas, season 7. (Oh, yes...I am so addicted to that show. I bought up through season 6, and my friend/boss gave me season 7 for my B-day. Score! You can go back to my 2005 entries to see where this fascination began...)

4. Celebrating with friends and family. Last Sunday, I had a wonderful lunch with my cousin, Laura. Monday, I spent a quiet birthday at home, though mom and dad and I did go out for a nice dinner. Tuesday night, I had dinner with my parents, Donna, Mac, Justin, Vicky, and Ava. Then, last night (not birthday related), my cousin Jeff had my parents and I over to his new place for dinner. HE COOKED A ROAST!!! And, it was FANTASTIC!!! Well done, Jeff!! So impressed! I don't even know if I had cooked at roast at his age! I include it in the "Celebrating" section because it was such a great time. :)

AND: This is a long weekend!!! I am super excited! I am going to take it off. I never do that, but I think it is important. (Well, I mean, I will be taking it off until I have to go in and make proof changes...but that will only be a half-day thing, I think...and I will comp it later.) I plan to read romance novels and watch movies and all of that good stuff! That way, next week, I can start fresh, with a lot of energy. I will be revising the heck out of my conference paper and pirate article then, doing production edits, starting on edits/photo searches for material in the next issue, and working on my next dissertation chapter. Good times! (HaHa.)

Anyway, what I am saying is that things will be super busy. But that is fine, because I will be refreshed. (I hope.)


James said…
Do you think the spirits will appreciate the new paint?
Susie said…
Let's hope so! :) Always a fun time at the Kilgore House!

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