The rain is falling!

This weather is totally crazy! We have had almost seven inches of rain here today! The wind is blowing really hard and the lights keep flickering...ugh. I am so afraid of falling trees, and these conditions are perfect for helping one to topple over.

I have taken the last couple of days off...and it has been a beautiful thing. :)

What have I been doing in this blissful nothingness? Reading. Drinking coffee. Staying up late. Sleeping late. Watching movies. Meeting with friends. Yay!

But, back to the books...what am I reading? Well, I am finishing up a reread of Gail Carriger's Soulless ( review due soon). I love Carriger's books and it has been fun to reread this one. I haven't finished the series yet, either, so I look forward to the rest.

I am also reading Becoming Jane Eyre.

I am reading this particular book for the internet class...I really like it so far, but I like bio-fiction anyway. I am trying to find a good bio-fic on Lord, if any of you have ideas, please pass them along!

I really need to get cracking on the dissertation reading this week....ugh. I have really enjoyed the time off. Too bad there isn't more of it!


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