Days of Dickens

Yesterday, I returned from the Charles Dickens conference I attended in Myrtle Beach. We left on Thursday of last week ("we" meaning my dissertation director and I). Even though I became very sick on the trip (yes, this is getting old), I still had a good time and learned a lot. I presented my paper on Saturday, and it went really well. If I had just been feeling better (i.e. not curled up under mountains of covers trying to avoid chills/able to eat without being sick/able to sit through presentations without aching all over), it would have been fantastic. I met some great people and enjoyed what I could.

We stayed at Ocean Creek Resort. It was a nice place, in general, but without a car it was a bit inconvenient. Also, the staff recommended that we try Bennett's Calabash restaurant for fresh This is probably the worst restaurant I have ever been to in my life. It was a buffet, and after my recent food poisoning experience, I don't like those very much. Still, I knew I could exercise caution and find something. Well, I was right to avoid the seafood as much as possible. Just at a glance, I could tell that it was all frozen. Out of curiosity, I took a piece of salmon, and it was completely overcooked and hard as a rock. Worse, though,was the fact that even though there appeared to be steam coming up from the buffet, all of the food was room temp or cooler. Not good. Even the desserts were bad. And the price?? Wow. So expensive. So, anyway, that was a total loss. But, I had great company, and that made it okay.

Traveling with my dissertation director was great as well. He and I had great flying experiences on US Air and no problems. So, great conversations and no plane delays? I say that the trip was an A+ in those departments!

So, anyway, I am back. I am not feeling 100% yet...probably more like %60. But, I am playing catch up and doing okay. Best of all? I am more motivated than ever to work on the dissertation.


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