I am so excited that today is November 1st!! I love, love, love November. It is the beginning of the holiday season (in my mind, anyway), and it is the month that has my most favorite holiday: Thanksgiving.

I love the symbolism of Thanksgiving, and I think it is the best of the holidays because it is just about getting together with friends and family, sharing a meal. There is something deeply spiritual about preparing and sharing food with a group of people, whether they be strangers or people we know. Of course, I love Christmas, too, but it has become so commercialized that there are only two things I like about it: 1) the midnight church service; 2) the crazy fun of having the "this amount of food and combination of drinks" doesn't make sense buffet at my house. You can see a past scene of that here.

I will miss Casey this year, though. :(

But back to Thanksgiving...

Thanksgiving now makes me think about a friend I had, Robert (Bobby) Hernandez. Everyone I knew called him Bobby, but I always called him Robert. He owned a very popular local Mexican restaurant and was one of the most giving people I have ever met. On a few Thanksgivings, we met in the middle of the night and cooked for those in need. It was great. We always had a wonderful time. Robert died earlier this year, far too soon. So, this Thanksgiving, I will be sending up special thoughts to him.
Here's to you, Robert.

So, enjoy the holidays. I know we always say that we will try to do better and relax a little more...and then we don't and we become crazy! But just realize that all of this is about people--not anything else.


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