Really? This is romantic?


Though he smolders well enough (if no longer sparkles), Mr. Pattinson is scarcely any better than his brother in beefcake. If that doesn’t matter, it’s because Mr. Pattinson’s heaviest lifting is over. His character is already well sketched in, and now all that remains is for the actor to play the part of the passionate, potentially dangerous vampire husband, which he — or, rather, his smart director — conveys with the startling image of Edward’s hands clenching the honeymoon bed until it explodes under his powerful touch. This image of sexual rough play is further capped the next morning by bruises now tattooing Bella’s body, branding that — along with her smiles (a private reverie reminiscent of Diane Lane’s postcoital raptures in “Unfaithful”) — shifts the story into another world.
(Source: New York Times review. See link below blog post title.)

Hey, I had as much fun reading Twilight as the next person, but I have to tell you that I find the entire series so disturbing. I also hated the last book in the series, so maybe I am biased. Still, seeing "bruises now tattooing Bella’s body" and her smiling about it...well, that just creeps me out.


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