Why am I not hearing more about this? Where is the outrage??

Read link:
UN Accuses Syria of Crimes Against Humanity.

If this happened, as I suspect it must have, people/governments/etc. should not stand for it. This is inexcusable. Who does this to children?

And, since I am spouting off my opinion anyway, I am getting sick of those who are trying to tear apart the case against Sandusky. I realize that the lawyers must try, but the focus still is being taken off of the victimization of the children involved. I don't care about celebrity or sports when it comes to a child being hurt or victimized.


James said…
If we're going to be the world's police, we should go in and take out people like Bashar Assad. But we don't have as much of a vested interest in Syria as we do with the other countries we invade. He is a very sick man.
Susie said…
I hear you. I just can't believe that this is okay with anyone. This kind of thing reminds me of horrific Holocaust stories, and I am so angry about it.

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