A week ago today, I was preparing for a food coma.

It is hard to believe that Thanksgiving was a week ago! I haven't updated a lot since then, so I thought that this post would serve that purpose.

On Thanksgiving, we did the usual...cook...eat...drink...eat...eat...eat. Of course, there were some great family moments, but I didn't take pictures this year. I probably will take pictures at Christmas, so I will have something to post then, I guess! The cleanup wasn't bad at all, but I crashed after it was all said and done.

As for Black Friday: I don't usually go out that much on Black Friday, but this year I did. You can scroll down and see photos of Melanie and Mylee (and the one of me and Mylee). Mom, dad, and I met Melanie and Mylee for lunch on Friday. It was the first time mom had seen Mylee since she was born, and dad had never seen her! It was a great time. Mylee is such a happy baby, and we loved being with her and Melanie so much.

After lunch, mom and I took dad home, and then we decided to brave the crowds. It was about 1:30 by that time, so it wasn't horrible, but I hate crowds. Over the last few years, mom and I have gone to the mall for a short while on Black Friday just to sit and drink coffee...and people watch. Mom worked in retail for nearly 40 years, so the last thing that she wanted to do after retirement was to go shopping! This year she seemed up for it, though. Our first stop was Target...where it was DEAD by that time of the day. Still, I found the third and last seasons of The Tudors for really cheap, so that made me happy. Then, we went to the mall, where mom finished up her shopping (not much...we went to two stores), and I bought a Christmas/winter dress for Mylee.

Of course, no outing is complete without a trip to the bookstore. So, mom and I made our way over to Barnes and Noble, where she bought a magazine. After dropping off Mylee's dress (I want her to get some use out of it!), we went home. Mom settled in for a nap, but I loaded dad in the car and we headed to Books-a-Million for coffee...where I sent James a lovely photo of Dad. :)

The weekend was to be extra long for me, because I decided to take this past Monday as a vacation day. But Saturday and Sunday were dissertation work days, and Monday was just too busy to do anything (hair appointments, nasty weather, errands to run, etc).

This week has been relatively quiet, but it has been busy. We have been crazy busy at work, and last night I had to drive to Linden, Alabama, to a visitation at their funeral home. So, it is Thursday, and I am exhausted!

Anyway, I hope everyone is well. More later!


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