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New Precious Mylee Photos:

Elizabeth Taylor's Links with Oxford, England

This makes me so happy.

Remember me talking about magazine industry stuff??

Another great article...

Great 1983 article about "Private Lives"

Dominick Dunne on Elizabeth Taylor

Tributes and Exhaustion

My First Elizabeth Taylor-Related Memory and Its Consequences

Elizabeth Taylor

My new favorite line(s) from a book:

I am just stuck on it...

Spring is Here!

Mylee Photos!

Mylee Katherine Bridges is here!

Dissertation Guilt

"Thought-Provoking" People: Ann M. Martin

The Amazing Women in My Family (And a Few Amazing Men, too)

"My First Love Asks Me to Stop Writing About Him" by Elizabeth Wade

Tsunami and Earthquake Victims

Wish I was there...

Thought-Provoking People: Marie Corelli

Thought-Provoking People: A new posting project

Dude Hennessey's Obituary:

Added to my list of potential fictional husbands:

Where I began and where I am:

Because we can never have enough discussion about Elizabeth Taylor...