Dracula in Love, by Karen Essex

*** SPOILER ALERTS!!! ****

I finished reading Dracula in Love, by Karen Essex, last night. Overall, I really loved the book. The writing was beautiful and there were quite a few steamy moments! Once I reached the end, however, I just felt that things fell apart and I was a bit disappointed. There are two basic reasons for my disappointment: 1) I don't think that it is reasonable or realistic that Mina makes the choice that she does; and, 2) Some of the action in the last quarter of the book just felt so far removed from the tone of the rest of the book.

Essentially, Essex rewrites Stoker's classic tale from Mina's point of view. In doing so, she creates a very sexy version of Dracula that makes us feel more sympathy than horror. There is a new mythology created, and, basically, Mina and Dracula are star-crossed lovers caught in repeated cycles of rebirth and disappointment. There is all kinds of creative license taking place in this book, so if that bothers you then you shouldn't read it. I am not put off by the changes Essex made, but I feel that she sold Mina short in the end. I mean, what woman would return to Jonathan Harker, a man who, in this story, repeatedly commits adultery, forces Mina into an insane asylum, and subjects her to mental cruelty??? There was so much emphasis upon Mina learning who she is and falling for the count...and then that is completely destroyed by the ending. Ugh.

Still, that being said, I still really loved most of the book. So, if you want a beautiful and sexy read, go for it.  :)


Amy said…
I'm going to look for this one. It sounds good. Loved your review!
Susie said…
It was really good, Amy! I always tell people (just in case) that certain books have a lot of sexual content...this one has quite a bit. Just wanted to let you know in case you need to know beforehand!

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