I love a polite criminal.

So, someone broke into my car last night. He/she broke out a small back window (not the main window) and unlocked the back seat driver's side door. After unlocking the front door, he/she tried to pry out my CD player, but couldn't get it. He/she then took everything out of my glove compartment. Not finding any money, the person decided to leave the scene.

He/she didn't take anything. Not my XM radio (easily taken out), not the CD player face cover (the thing is 10 years old anyway...I mean, geez), none of the paper work in my car, none of the CDs or the books (I have a lot of books in my backseat and trunk that I planned to take to the Friends of the Library today...), none of the books in the trunk (which he/she got into, but gently closed so that I didn't even notice until the police had already left)....in short, nothing.

Apparently, he didn't think to check the small "change" compartment next to the steering wheel...all of my money was there. (Not much...just about $1.50 in change.)

The best part?

He/she locked my driver's side front door before leaving.

I'm sure it was to prevent further crime, you know.

On the less-than-positive side: he/she had really bad body odor, and I had to Febreze and change clothes. Cheers.


Amy said…
I'm so sorry this happened to you, but it could have been much worse I guess. Take care!

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