Boring Books

I love to read. All of you know that. But I really hate it when I buy a book and then struggle to get through it!

I titled this post "Boring Books" because sometimes there are just really boring books. Of course, the book I hate could be the book you love. And that is great! But I usually don't force myself to finish something that I don't like, unless it is for school or a book club.

Right now, I am reading Peter Nimble, a children's book that has received great reviews and is loved by some people that I really respect. Usually, I agree with the books chosen as favorites by these particular people and friends...but not this time. It isn't that the book is horrible, but I just cannot connect with it at all. I don't really feel anything for the characters--and that is a MUST for me. The book does have some interesting literary relationships with great classics...but it is all surface (in my opinion, anyway).

Still, I am going to finish it. Then, I will write the review of it on The Friendly Reader.


Amy said…
I hate when this happens! I was given a book by a friend last year, and I was excited to read it. Sad to say I just couldn't finish. It's the only book I can remember not finishing in a very long time. I really do hate not finishing a book, but it may be something I need to start doing when I just don't like something. Too many books out there to read something I don't like.
Susie said…
Yes, I have really become pretty harsh about it! It doesn't bother me if I am reading a bad book I got from the library or the thrift store...but when I pay full price...well, that is something else, you know?

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